Should you become a Real Estate Agent?

As a veteran real estate agent, I can tell you that many people love houses and go through a transaction and feel like it would be a viable career move for them. Are you one of them?

Are you thinking it is time for a change of job or career, and it seems like real estate would be the perfect transition? 

Here is a question to consider.

Do you love people and complicated problems and tons of paperwork and deadlines? Then this job is for you. 

Not everyone is cut out for a career in real estate. Some people start out strong but lose interest when they realize that it in no way mirrors what we see on TV. So, if you are considering a career as a real estate agent here are a few reasons why you should and or should not consider it.

What do I do all day?

I think since HGTV, most people think I look at houses all day with buyers or sellers. Listing a home or finding a home for a buyer comes with a complex to-do list.

About 60% of my time is at my desk.


There are a considerable number of administrative tasks. I am doing online searches, drawing up contracts, handling mortgage information, updating MLS or entering information into the MLS, getting documents signed, doing market research, setting up appointments, and tracking industry trends and local market price points. 


Keeping an online presence to market homes, update buyers, and market yourself. Instagram, Facebook, The MLS, Appointment Centers, Websites, the list goes on.


This varies by agent and by time of year. For me, it is making those calls, emails and sending notes to potential clients. It is following up with people I have met or sending postcards, emails, and setting up appointments to meet with new clients.

30% of my time traveling to and meeting people.

Being in the car is second only to sitting at my desk. Each transaction requires meeting people at the house from the owners or buyers to maintenance, inspection, utility, municipal, photographers, and anyone who needs access to the property. Needs for additional signage, lockboxes, and marketing paperwork also put me on the road. 

10% of my time engaging with others

Open houses, networking events, closings, broker meetings, continuing education, client parties, 

How many hours a day do I work and how many days a week? 

Realtors are self-employed. I work as many hours and days as necessary to get to the bottom line of how much production I want to achieve and how much money I want to make.So what do you think? Are you still interested? If so, you may want to consider hiring an agent coach to help you get started strong with proven systems and good habits from Day 1. Find someone with a style you connect with, and preferably who is still a working agent, so their advice is fresh and not from a past era. You can learn about my coaching program and watch videos about my approach here!

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