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Pros and Cons of “SMART HOMES”

smart homes

We spend a lot of time in our homes this year much more than others.  A smart home is a house where people use technology driven network to connect, control, or monitor various appliances.  You can use your phone to automate many of the items.  It allows you to check on things when you are not at home or change the temperature on your thermostat without leaving the couch.  


They can minimize and prevent potential damage to a home.

  • Smart thermostats can help prevent pipes form freezing.
  • Smart leak detectors can shut off water if they detect moisture.
  • Smart smoke and CO2 detectors can notify and potentially save your life.

They are convenient on many fronts.

  • Smart locks can help you if you lock yourself or forget to open a door for a contractor.
  • Smart lights can switch on lights when you want them to come on and off if you forget.
  • Smart security systems can notify you if there is an intrusion or monitor movement.

They can lower your insurance and energy costs.

  • Smart thermostats can monitor your movement in the house and can save on your heating and cooling.
  • Smart appliances can be turned on and off when you are not at home.
  • Smart homes often are considered for discounts on your insurance especially security systems.


The systems can be costly.

  • The costs are decreasing but many systems come with a hefty price tag.
  • Many of the devices cost several hundred dollars each.
  • Installation costs are high.

Systems from different vendors often do not link.

  • The manufacturers have unique programming, and it is difficult to integrate the systems.
  • Often the functionality and reliability of a mixed group of devices can cause issues.

These devices may have a security flaw and could be hacked.

  • Many of the companies do not have strong security background
  • There are no industry standards for security on these devices.
  • Potential for your system to be hacked.

FINAL THOUGHTS …. Smart homes will be the future of home ownership lean in and learn!

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