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The current market is described as a “Sellers Market.” Potential home buyers find that term frightening enough but the anxiety and the stress of the large financial purchase can be every reason for “analysis paralysis” for buyers. The best way to beat that apprehension is to have a well thought out plan so anyone even a first-timer can find their dream home without going out of their mind.

What should I be looking for? It is a great idea to plan for this process and use it on each home you visit.  Once you are touring you should have done your prep work. 

Pictures are wonderful to pique your interest in a home but do not become enamored until you check out the rest of the details online. Price, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, floor plan, sewage, water, school system, taxes. Most importantly do a drive by of the location to be assured it meets your needs.

There is so much to take in when you arrive at at the potential property.  You may have been looking at the pictures online over and over.  You may have done a drive by of the neighborhood.  Both are great ways to do some reconnaissance but do not prepare you for your first visit.

If you remember my video on the 5 Sensory Guide to Real Estate if not here is the link buying is not just with your eyes.  From the sounds, smells, touch, sense of space and your more subtle perceptions you will begin making decisions at that first visit.

So here is a basic plan to follow:

  1. Investigate the high dollar items starting outside with the roof, porches, garage, foundation, chimney etc.  Move inside and check the electric, furnace, plumbing, windows, and general condition. 
  2. Check out the neighbor’s homes for condition and what is in and around the home.  Pets? Play yards, are they running their business from home?
  3. See what is included in the sale of the home i.e., appliances, hot tub etc. and check out the condition of the items.
  4. How is the home for seasonal living?  Steep driveway to remove snow?  No access to the yard from an exterior door or porch? No door to enter the home from the garage.  No covered space for summer sun?
  5. Check out how you live vs the floor plan of the home.  Do you need a lower level game room? Do you want to have your family room from the kitchen? Do you need a first-floor bedroom? Is the kitchen big enough?
  6. What is the value and growth of the neighborhood?  Are the prices rising in the area you are looking and have other homes sold for similar prices?
  7. Location is vital.  Are you near the highway, the train station, airport, or a farm? Does it meet your current needs?

Final Thoughts-This is a basic overview of what to look for but rely on your real estate agent this is not the first home they have looked at and their expertise is vital. 

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