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Real Estate Coaching Videos from Lu

Curious about the diverse world of real estate and wondering which path might align best with your interests and strengths?

It’s a dynamic field with various types of real estate agents, each bringing unique skills to the table.

Imagine this as an interactive quiz, where you get to discover your real estate persona. Are you the Creative Explorer, the Understanding Connector, the Adaptable Innovator, or perhaps a blend of these qualities? Let’s delve into the intriguing landscape of real estate and find out which type of agent resonates with you the most.

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The number of resources for agents to follow what is happening in the industry can be overwhelming. And free resources to help you build your business can be hard to find. Plus, I know it’s hard to devote time to reading when you need to be out there prospecting, showing houses, doing paperwork, etc. While working in the business pays the bills, you need to work on the business, too.

Here’s a curated list of resources I check every day. I will add to it regularly. Happy reading!

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