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The Perils of Being a Real Estate Agent: “What’s My House Worth? Question

I love being a real estate agent but it comes with its fair share of challenges, but one question seems to follow me no matter where I go. It’s like an invisible force that compels strangers to ask me, “Can you tell me what my house is worth?” Whether I’m at the grocery store, the dentist’s office, or even in the most unexpected situations, this question knows no boundaries. Join me on this humorous journey

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stop real estate deal from blowing up

The Top 6 Dos and Don’ts To Stop a Deal From Blowing Up

CONFLICT RESOLUTION FOR REALTORS IN A CHANGING MARKET The nature of real estate transactions leads to a conflict. Real Estate transactions pit buyers, sellers, agents, and all the supporting cast of players against each other. Often a substantial amount of money is involved in the sale of real estate. That means both the home buyers and the sellers have a lot at stake. There are many elements to the transaction that cause serious disagreements between

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Real Estate Agent or Small Business Owner?

Real Estate Agent or Small Business Owner?

Which one are you? How do you view your occupation? How do you view yourself? The answer is important. Is what you do your occupation, or is it your passion? These are key questions you should ask  yourself when you begin your real estate career. I believe that your answer to these questions will be the catalyst to your future success. Starting Out as a Real Estate Agent When I started my career, I was

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The current market is described as a “Sellers Market.” Potential home buyers find that term frightening enough but the anxiety and the stress of the large financial purchase can be every reason for “analysis paralysis” for buyers. The best way to beat that apprehension is to have a well thought out plan so anyone one even a first-timer can find their dream home without going out of their mind.

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