Case Studies

Real Estate Coaching

Case Study #1

Tammy Shiel


Tammy, a seasoned Nurse and Nurse Manager, embarked on a new chapter in her career as a Realtor. Despite her decades of success in healthcare, she found herself at a crossroads after four years in real estate. Despite a strong drive and exceptional leadership skills, she was perplexed by her inability to make a breakthrough in this industry. The challenge lay in her struggle to adapt her organizational and planning abilities to this new venture, despite her past triumphs.


I began by crafting a roadmap tailored to Tammy’s unique experiences and strengths. 

Using a personality assessment, her existing skill set, and personal and professional goals, I developed a strategy and action plan which she embraced. Tammy’s challenge wasn’t a lack of enthusiasm but rather understanding how to excel in her new real estate role. Through our process, we identified her innate strength as a people person, a quality she needed to channel effectively in her interactions with potential clients.

We utilized her company’s technology and her desire for face-to-face interactions to put her in front of potential clients, and the results were remarkable.


Tammy’s results are nothing short of remarkable and enduring. In a single afternoon, one small adjustment led to four new clients. 

Since we began working together:

  • Tammy has been a consistent leader in listings and sales within her organization.
  • She’s not only met but surpassed her original financial and volume goals.
  • What’s even more inspiring is that she’s now setting her sights on new, even more ambitious milestones.

Furthermore, her manager has witnessed this remarkable transformation, and under their guidance, Tammy has continually reached for higher goals. Her willingness to embrace coaching and explore new perspectives has evolved into an enduring and successful career that aligns with her personal aspirations. Along the way, she’s ticked off many of those personal goals, proving that with determination and the right guidance, one can achieve extraordinary heights.

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