Case Studies

Real Estate Coaching

Case Study #2

Pam King


Pam, a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in various real estate roles, joined Howard Hanna around 10 years ago. Despite enjoying considerable success with the company, by 2023, she found herself feeling a bit disheartened about reaching a long-desired goal number. At that point, retirement seemed like a plausible option.

However, rather than calling it quits, Pam decided to take a different approach. In 2023, she chose to give it another shot and embarked on a journey of self-reinvention within her real estate career.


The journey unfolded with a pivotal meeting in her office where I introduced the coaching concept. Pam, having coaching experience in the past and a strong commitment to following a program, eagerly embraced the idea. We kicked off our coaching sessions in the first quarter of 2023, and she was not only prepared but also enthusiastic about making significant changes.

Taking the initiative, Pam initiated her own accountability program. Through a combination of her dedication and our regular calls, she not only met but possibly exceeded her goals for the year. While she thrives on challenges and has a passion for learning, she initially felt overwhelmed. By clarifying the confusion and providing guidance, I helped her navigate the complexities, leading to her flourishing in her endeavors.


Pam has transformed into a formidable leader both in her markets and within her office. Numerous agents now seek her guidance to understand the secrets behind her success. Positioned for even greater achievements in the upcoming year, she finally experiences a sense of control over her business and is relishing the rewards of our collaborative efforts. It’s evident that she’s not only poised to meet but likely to exceed her goals for many years to come.

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