Case Studies

Real Estate Coaching

Case Study #3

Jayma Gobrogge


Jayma initially delved into real estate for a few years, took a step back to dabble in it casually, and eventually reignited her commitment a few years ago. Having a background in marketing for several years, she decided to be her own boss and focus on her real estate venture. Despite her grasp of the marketing game, living in a rural area posed challenges in attracting the business she needed to grow and reach her goals. Now, she’s eager to overcome these obstacles and elevate her real estate business.


Jayma faced some challenges initially in propelling her business forward. Despite her active community involvement, a satellite office, and a solid grasp of marketing concepts, she sought a new approach to prospecting. Recognizing the importance of farming and pipeline filling, she aimed for sustainable income to support herself, her daughter (who is her partner), and an admin/agent she plans to bring on board. While her social media presence is strong, we’re focusing on leveraging her marketing expertise to boost her audience. With a new networking group and a refreshed business look, our current focus is enhancing her prospect building skills.


Jayma is not just brewing ideas; she’s taking them to new heights. Her profound understanding of the media landscape is becoming a game-changer. With her daughter now actively involved as a partner, they’re relishing the dynamics of their mother-daughter partnership. Jayma’s online presence has expanded significantly, with her daughters added skills, and now she is boasting a substantial and engaged following. She’s honing in on the sources of her business, strategically connecting with her core supporters, and navigating her business with a newfound focus.

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